Domestic Service & Maintenance
Have you ever considered that for every £ not spent on annual maintenance and repairs
will become next year’s ££££ in replacement! For every year that something is not
maintained, time spent and cost of maintenance rises and the probability of total failure
also rises. This short-term approach to reducing costs that has the opposite effect than
that intended in the long term. We maintain, service and repair hundreds of systems
every month to avoid such costly replacement expenditure. We repair systems that
break down and maintain them so it does not re occur, in essence we ensure that your
business does not stop while we maintain, service or repair your equipment.
Why use us
With call out charges from under a hundred pounds for our contract customers we
offer a truly reliable and cost effective service that is tailored around you and your
business. Give us a call and see exactly why our existing customers recommend us
every day.
Look out for the following symptoms – they are the classic indicators of a poorly
maintained air conditioning system:
Poor airflow
Stale odours
Loss of performance
Dirty appearance
Sludge in drain line
Increased energy bills
Prone to freezing
Leaking water
Nuisance High Pressure & Low Pressure alarms