Eco Hot Box Diagram – recover waste heat energy

All Four Seasons Eco Hot Box™ is a bespoke and unique approach to recovering waste heat energy from the air conditioning process used businesses and homes throughout the U.K. We originally designed the Eco Hot Box™ to enhance R22 gas replacement activity to include heat recovery and therefore pre heated hot water. The Eco Hot Box™ can be retro fitted to the millions of existing systems that are currently in operation in the U.K. therefore avoiding the need for costly replacement or additional systems, saving you money and reducing your all important carbon footprint.

When combined with ECA approved energy efficient cooling or heating systems the Eco Hot Box™ provides energy and tax efficient cooling and cooling with the additional benefit of significantly reduced water heating costs giving huge long-term energy savings. The Eco Hot Box™ system reduces wasted energy and also reduces the carbon footprint in an eco-friendly and economically sustainable manner. ECA qualifying energy saving products are certified highly energy efficient and produce significant long-term financial benefits by reducing energy bills.