ECO HOT BOX - Free Hot Water

You’re currently paying for your Air Conditioning/Refrigeration to move a great deal of heat out of your building where this heat is currently blown into the atmosphere by the Air Conditioning/Refrigeration system’s condensing unit! Why not use this heat to give you free hot water for all your hot water utilities!

The Eco Hot Box is attached to your existing or new Air Conditioning/Refrigeration system and it provides you with FREE HOT WATER.

It also improves the efficiency of the Air Conditioning system by reducing head pressure (and electricity draw) on the compressor and condenser fan motor.


The SMART -HEAT heat recovery system is the environmentally friendly answer to soaring energy prices.
Every refrigerant system generates heat. Normally this energy is wasted by venting it off to the atmosphere.
SMART -HEAT collects this heat and uses it to generate hot water.
This will not only save you money but also conserves valuable natural resources.

How does SMART -HEAT work? The refrigerant leaves the compressor as a hot gas and flows into the thermo
plate which is wrapped around the SMART -HEAT vessel. The energy is then transferred to the water in the
vessel thereby producing hot water. The gas/condensate leaves the SMART -HEAT unit to complete the
condensation process in the condenser. Since the refrigerant entering the condenser has cooled down
there is an improvement in condensing efficiency which results in further energy saving.

SAMSUNG - Eco Heating System

The Samsung EHS system is a split type Air to water heat pump designed to fit in place of a standard
fossil fuel boiler with the minimum of fuss.

Inside the house we have the heat pump boiler which looks identical to its fossil fuel cousins; this is connected
via 2 small refrigerant pipes to an outdoor heat absorption unit mounted in the garden.
All heat pumps need a water storage cylinder  which is used for domestic hot water purposes,
Samsung’s EHS system uses a cylinder custom made to work hand in hand with the heat pump,
as a result it has unrivalled recovery time. It is possible to completely reheat the cylinder from cold in 40 minutes.
But the real advantage with EHS is that it is the only air to water heat pump system available which allows
the connection of proper air conditioning indoor units, these allow you to cool your house in the summer
and top up your heating in the winter.