Green Energy Case Studies

Tilbury Medical Centre, Essex

We were commissioned to design a heating and cooling system for a new build of an NHS medical centre in Tilbury Essex. The specification involved supplying 3 floors of heat pump air conditioning, we also fitted 3 of our Eco Hot Box systems to give them cost free hot water recovered from waste heat energy from the air conditioning, this provides 100% of their hot water requirement all year round.

Eco Hot Box - Mr Alf Adams Guilford

This was a loft convertion where we installed a ducted system to provided heating and cooling within the area. as an addition to this install we also installed one of our Eco Hot Box systems, which will capture the waste heat generated form the clients new air-conditioning and assist in the supply of his hot water usage. This will generate money savings for the client and we estimate the return on his investment will be within 3 years.


Eco Hot Box - Claridges Hotel London

We approuched Claridges Hotel after gaining information from another contractor about the amount of water to waste that they are using and how much this is costing the hotel.